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Z408 printing system’s launch ushers in a new phase in the development of Zanasi’s macrocharacter product range, opening the door to unprecedented coding opportunities through improved technique and technology. Let’s discover together the characteristics which make Z408the most reliable solution in an almost unlimited number of sectors and applications!


Starting from the outside, it is impossible not to dwell on the compact stainless steel structure, specifically designed for being even more resistant to infiltrations of dust and water, humidity and extreme temperatures. This allows the system to boast an enhanced IP protection, which is in itself a guarantee of high and constant performances in any working environment, including the harshest ones.

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The presence of more than one production line or the necessity of printing on different sides of the same package do not limit the system’s efficiency either. As a matter of fact, though being something new, Z408 is perfectly compatible with the standard NZ printheads: it is able to drive up to 4 of them, even mixed! Thanks to the multiple control the printer is available in 24 different configurations.

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Besides the extreme flexibility, what characterises Z408 is the sophisticated technological level, which makes it absolutely fast and easy to use even for non-experts. A wide color display, comparable to that of any state-of-the-art smartphone, allows users to access with a few touches Orkestra®‘s multiple functionalities. This innovative software has been developed with the primary aim of managing the system’s interaction with external devices and to get it to work remotely.


The software’s effectiveness is also evident on the consumption front: thanks to a dedicated module, it is possible to know the exact quantity of ink which has been used for each single print, with indication of the related expenditure. The purge and calibration per single dot function also contributes to save costs: preventing the nozzles’ obstruction, it limits or avoids maintenance completely. Added to this is the action of the renowned high efficiency and precision solenoid technology, which keeps initial investment low.

Z408: the perfect combination between Zanasi 30-year experience in macrocharacter printing and technological progress. To discover its technical specifications in detail, please download the attached documents.